Cloud Services

Taking the First Step Towards Green

Cloud computing is more efficient than running an on-premises data center for many reasons, some of which are outlined in earlier posts of this series. Read More »

Why Building a Sustainable ICT Infrastructure Is Important to Our Shared Future!

Across the globe, higher education institutions are becoming more attentive to climate change. Computing infrastructure will be a part of this conversation at a rapidly increasing rate. Read More »

Information Technology – A Green Influencer!

Sustainability has become a priority for higher education institutions across the world.  For some, student led activism and outside pressures have led to divestment from... Read More »

SIG Achieves Amazon Web Services Partner Network Status

SIG announced it has achieved Consulting Partner Status in the AWS Partner Network (APN).  Read More »

SIG Partners with E&I Cooperative Services to Streamline Solicited Contract Services

The E&I SIG contract provides E&I members with access to a competitively solicited contract to save time and resources on IT consulting and staffing services. Read More »