The Final Countdown: Safeguards Rule (GLBA)

Reminder to clients about Safeguards Rule requirements that apply to Title IV institutions. Read More »

CVE-2022-29464 EEI Vulnerability

Were you affected by the recent CVI-2022-29464 EEI breach? Unrestricted arbitrary file upload, potentially resulting in remote code to execution. Read More »

SIG Partners with E&I Cooperative Services to Streamline Solicited Contract Services

The E&I SIG contract provides E&I members with access to a competitively solicited contract to save time and resources on IT consulting and staffing services. Read More »

Remote Operations Readiness Checklist

How should we be adapting now and planning for the future? Consider incorporating a remote operations readiness checklist into your remote workplace plans. Read More »

21 Keys to Unlocking a Comprehensive Banner Security Policy

SIG has put together a comprehensive list of 21 keys to unlocking a comprehensive security policy. Read More »

Five Important Questions to Answer for a Sound Banner Security Policy

SIG has put together detailed guidelines to adjust, re-write, or create a policy that will steer your Banner and connected systems in a safe and secure manner. Read More »

SIG Supports SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On Authentication

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an XML-based protocol that was developed to facilitate the exchange of authentication and authorization information between applications or entities. Read More »