Workday® Project Management

Workday Advisory Partner

SIG has been a Workday Advisory Services Partner since 2018. We have provided various services that our clients have found helpful during their Workday deployments.

Project Management Services

Your project needs close, professional management to finish on time and on budget. Our project managers are adept at leading projects to completion. We have provided on-site, client-side project management when Workday® is being deployed. We also provide remote support for less complex Workday® projects. Regardless of the size and complexity of the project, our approach:

  • Focuses on success
  • Uses project management techniques adapted to meet your needs
  • Emphasizes effective communication
  • Includes oversight and involvement from a SIG Senior Partner
  • Anticipates issues and problems, taking proactive action for their resolution
  • Actively monitors schedules, budgets, tasks, and personnel
  • Leads to on-time completion according to scope, all within budget

Rapid Process Improvement

Our Rapid Process Improvement (RPI) practice is focused on simplifying processes to create streamlined work routines. That means enhanced productivity and improved service delivery to your students, faculty, and staff. We have used RPI to assist in developing requirements for Workday® deployments.

RPI is a structured method for improving a variety of operations within your institution. Pre-deployment RPI can provide guiding principles and strategies for deploying Workday®. Post-deployment RPI can be used when processes do not fully utilize the capabilities of Workday®.

Functional and Technical Consulting

If you need specific consulting help to augment your team’s knowledge and expertise, we have in-depth subject matter knowledge of higher education systems.

Our consultants have been used as supplemental staffing for Workday® when an institution doesn’t have sufficient time, staff, or knowledge to complete their deployment tasks on schedule. Our consultants have assisted clients in configuring Workday®, providing integration services, facilitating change leadership/management, and conducting end-user training.

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