ERP Services for Higher Education

ERP software is incredibly powerful: it can manage business workflows, streamline processes, and enhance engagement across your organization. The benefits of an ERP are many, almost as many as there are ERP products. Knowing which is best for your school can be challenging. We can help. With 30+ years experience, and over 160 knowledgeable, certified consultants, we help schools ensure they are reaping the benefits of an ERP and getting the most of their investment.

Solutions and Consulting Services

Our consultants are experts in the following ERP products.

Are You Experiencing?

  • Business processes that aren’t aligned with your ERP technology?
  • Lack of institutional knowledge with systems and tools resulting in under-utilized software?
  • Not leveraging efficiency tools such as imaging or workflow?
  • Lack of effective governance and change management structure?

We Can Help!

SIG’s Back-to-Basics (B2B) is an effective solution designed to help institutions return to baseline goals. B2B provides an actionable plan that reduces/eliminates the need for modifications by leveraging existing features/functions/extensibility tools as designed, adjusting organizational processes, and using efficiency tools. Learn more about our B2B solution.

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