We’re Growing!

We’re a team of committed IT professionals dedicated to solving problems and doing what’s best for our clients. In addition to the positions listed below, we are always looking for senior staff with executive-level experience with Salesforce, ERP implementations, business development, technology transformation, or other similar activities. If you have this kind of experience, please submit an application, we’d love to hear from you.

Being part of the SIG team means …

Unparalleled Support by Colleagues

Experiencing a Company with Stable Growth and High Employee-Retention

No Office Politics

Working for a leader in the Industry

Exceptional Benefits

Qualifying employees receive a generous package including:




Flexible Spending Plan

Health Savings Accounts

Holiday Pay

Paid Time Off

Life Insurance


About You

The next IT professional to join our team has four strong, demonstrable, and well-nurtured characteristics:

Experience: You have experience as a CIO, CTO, CISO, project leader, or consultant. It’s a big plus if you have direct experience with cybersecurity, Banner®, Workday®, Colleague®, Salesforce®, or Oracle® ERP systems.

Integrity: You’re honest and forthright and exercise professional communication to maintain your integrity with your employer and your clients. You don’t need to be told what is right because you already know and choose to do it.

Results: You not only have experience in IT projects, but you can demonstrate results that you’ve achieved. Innovation and ingenuity are highly valued.

Leadership: You understand that every project, client, and team requires effective leadership to reach their goals. When it comes to producing meaningful change, leadership is an important ingredient.

Open Positions