Client Success Stories

We exist to help transform the way students, staff, and faculty experience their institutions. We are passionate about the people we serve and are incredibly proud of their successes.

Seton Hall

Seton Hall

Seton Hall relied on SIG’s thorough understanding of how to get data and documents out of UNICAS using the Liaison API’s and into Slate for processing in source formats. Jobs were created daily to populate Slate with new statuses and bring over documents from each system. This provided an accurate source of data for all parties involved and removed manual intervention.

University of Hawaii, Manoa

University of Hawaii Manoa Implements Salesforce and sees Record Enrollment

With the help of akaCRM, University of Hawaii implemented Salesforce and Pardot creating visibility to student interactions and engagements. This allowed the Admissions team to automate targeted communications based upon individual behaviors and interests. Integrating Salesforce with Banner eliminated manual data entry, saving time, and creating an efficient process.

Ottawa University

Ottawa University Migrates to Salesforce

Ottawa University (OU) was struggling to manage the financial clearance information for incoming students in three separate systems and manually using excel spreadsheets to manage their status. Migrating them from from TargetX to Salesforce, resulted in recording breaking enrollment.

Bucknell University

Bucknell University’s Journey to the Cloud

With much of Bucknell’s critical infrastructure running in Amazon Web Services (AWS), adding their ERP to the platform was an easy decision. Bucknell selected SIG’s cloud migration services to lead the implementation and provide on-going managed support of the cloud hosted environment.

Sierra College

Aligning Scheduling and Courses to Support Guided Pathway at Sierra College

Inspired by the guided pathways initiative for community colleges, students were not always able to get the classes they needed to meet their goals. To effectively manage course offerings, Sierra College expanded classes to improve student pathways and support ongoing educational efforts.

University of Northwestern – Saint Paul

Slate Provides Multiple Admissions Populations Gathered in One Database

After using several systems to track a variety of student populations, UNWSP needed a more efficient way to gather and sort data for these groups.  SIG developed a streamlined process for inquiry, enrollment, and staff cross training. 

Birmingham Promise, Inc.

Birmingham Promise Salesforce Implementation

Birmingham Promise, Inc. is an educational organization aimed at supporting and preparing the students of the Birmingham City School System for postsecondary education. By implementing Salesforce as their CRM, Birmingham Promise increased efficiency by eliminating excel sheets while creating a centralized student profile to track interactions through high school, apprenticeships, and college.

Fordham University

Staff Augmentation Solution

One key element of Fordham University’s digital transformation strategy was the alignment and leveraging of real-time data (smartphones, connected devices, mobile commerce) with modern technologies (cloud, AI, etc.). These associated projects were to provide Fordham the agility to make data driven decisions to improve efficiencies and enhance services for students, faculty, and staff.

San Bernardino Community College District

Oracle Finance Implementation

Faced with the challenge of tightening public funding coupled with an influx of students, SBCCD recognized a modern financial platform was critical to their mission. SBCCD wanted to ensure the district was well positioned to serve the needs of its entire campus community with the goal of declaring fiscal independence from the county.

South Orange County Community College District

ERP Review And Consulting Services

The District asked SIG to assess the legacy finance/human resources systems, acquire new finance and human resource systems and to assess the capability of a new student system to meet District and College requirements.

Claremont College Consortium

ERP Review And Consulting Services

The President’s of the Claremont Colleges consortium issued an RFP soliciting assistance to assess the consortial student information needs and the evolving and changing ERP market for student information systems. SIG was selected to perform those services.

University of Texas, Arlington (UTA)

CRM Selection With Achievable Expectations

In order to reach enrollment goals and improve student engagement, UTA wanted to acquire a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) to improve enrollment and student success. The system also needed to collect analytical data about enrollment operations to inform recruitment campaigns.

Post University

ERP Procurement BPA and Redesign

Post University engaged Strata Information Group (SIG) to assist with the procurement of a new ERP System. The products from Campus Management Corporation were selected by the University. Post then requested help to improve business and workflow processes to better align with the functionality of the CampusNexus® suite of applications.

University of La Verne

Slate CRM Implementation

Initially, this service was to revitalize their incumbent CRM as part of the Enrollment Improvement Initiative (EII) of which SIG served as a permanent member for the duration of the project. This was a cross-functional group of strategic decision-makers and day-to-day managers empowered with making changes to improve enrollment and the student experience.

Piedmont Technical College

Student Intake, Retention & Hiring Advancements

During the economic downturn that affected the entire nation, Piedmont Technical College (PTC) had to redefine how to maintain its level of quality services during a time of declining revenue. The answer was to adopt lean principals to improve student intake retention and hiring advancements.

Portland State University

Business Intelligence + Reporting

SIG was hired to assist Portland State University (PSU) to improve their data-driven decision making business intelligence to remain competitive and financially sound in an environment of increasing costs, and decreasing funding.