Student Success

Solutions for Student Success

Ensuring student success is vital to your institution. Our solutions are designed to help improve retention rates by streamlining the financial aid process, deepening student engagement through our Degree Works services, collecting and analyzing accurate data, and empowering faculty and staff to improve the student experience. We help you cultivate a student-focused environment where students thrive and schools grow.

Helping Students Succeed


Attract the right kind of students to your institution


Engage students to promote retention


Support students to ensure graduation


Cultivate pride in and support of alma mater

“The team from SIG were wonderful partners. They were technical experts, process developers, vision creators, software liaisons, and overall champions for student centered change. I appreciated SIG’s ability to see the big picture and also dive deep into the weeds with our team.”

– Lucas Moosman, Executive Dean, Student Success Instruction

Degree Works

SIG supports institutions using Degree Works and specializes in the following services:

  • CPoS
  • Database Administration (DBA) Services
  • Scribe Services
  • Student Education Planner (SEP)
  • Additional services and support

Student Success Project Highlights: