Back to Basics

SIG’s Back to Basics (B2B)

What Is B2B?

SIG’s Back-to-Basics (B2B) is an effective solution designed to help schools get the most out of their ERP investment by returning to baseline goals. B2B provides an actionable plan that reduces/eliminates the need for modifications by leveraging existing features/functions/extensibility tools as designed, adjusting organizational processes, and utilizing efficiency tools such as workflow and imaging.

How Does it Work?

SIG helps you to obtain consensus on a vision for future state, prioritize the work, and develop a realistic improvement plan to get the most out of your ERP investment by:

  • Conducting data discovery using a series of surveys and conference calls
  • Guiding a one-day workshop to determine what is working smoothly and efficiently and where improvements could be made
  • Identifying gaps that exist between current processes and best practices
  • Determining opportunities for improvement as both quick wins and longer-term projects to provide enhanced services and work efficiencies
  • Leading two days of functional consulting to implement the opportunities identified as quick wins and review other topics prioritized by staff members

B2B Results

  • Alignment with industry best-practices
  • Consensus on moving forward
  • Enhanced automation that leads to improved services to students, faculty, and staff
  • Increased return on existing technology investment, productivity/savings
  • Reduces complexity of cloud migration