Higher Education Technology Consulting Services

SIG solves problems. With over 30 years experience and 170+ expert consultants, we are uniquely positioned to help your institution tackle modern problems and streamline operations. We offer a full range of higher education IT consulting services that can help you transform business operations and the entire student experience. Establish your school for future growth and success with SIG as your partner.

Acquisition / Merger Consolidation

Whether you are acquiring a new institution or considering merging multiple instances of an ERP product, we can help.


SIG has a comprehensive suite of cloud services regardless of where you are in your cloud journey.


We provide end-to-end CRM consulting services for any stage of your CRM project.


SIG is uniquely positioned to assist with the security of higher education environments.

Data Analytics

SIG helps our clients make smart, data-driven decisions by translating their data into meaningful and actionable information.

Database Administration (DBA)

SIG helps with maintenance and optimization for your database, improving cost and work efficiencies for your institution.

Digital Transformation

SIG works with companies to identify, prioritize, and implement high-impact opportunities for transformation.


We can help your school get the most out of an ERP investment.


If you need help with an ERP or CRM implementation, our implementation experts can help.

Staff Augmentation

SIG’s staff augmentation services can help you build your team up or down with ease based on your needs.

Strategic Consulting

Modernization efforts that result in new technologies that change the way we work can be challenging. Our consultants can facilitate this process.

Student Success

Your institution’s reputation and success is directly related to your students’ success.

Technology Procurement

SIG has over 30 years of experience matching institutional needs with IT products and services.