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How I Hacked into a University (With Permission, Of Course)

Connecting the Campus: How Salesforce Unifies the Constituent Experience

OAS and TDE Setup/Configuration

PCI DSS and Higher Education

Student Run SOC at Clemson University

BI and CRM – an AWS Solution

Elevating Your ERP Cloud Strategy to a Higher Level

How Robust is Your Cybersecurity Program (and how do you measure it?)

Gift Processing in Slate Advancement

Salesforce Education Cloud for Recruiting & Admissions

Degree Works Reporting

The New FTC SafeGuard Cybersecurity Requirements

How Salesforce Helps the College Jigsaw Puzzle

Managing Personalized Pathways at Scale in Dallas with Salesforce

Deepen Your Student Engagement with Slack

Required Agreements, General Announcements, and Document Upload in Colleague Self-Service

Leveraging Self-Service for Advising in a Remote World

From HS to Enrolled: Using Slate for Dual Enrollment Students

If It Isn’t Codified, It Doesn’t Exist

Is Something On Fire? Using Prometheus to Monitor System and Application Health

Localizing the Responsive Dashboard

Thwarting Hackers With MFA

What’s Your Cloud Strategy?

Automating Document Migration Using Parchment Receive Premium to Slate

Course Program of Study (CPoS) : Are You In Compliance?

Ready, Set, Go, Your New CRM Is Ready for Data!

It’s A Trap! Avoiding the Siren Song of Multiple Slate Instances

Simplifying your SQL with the “With Clause”

Extending the ODS Using the “Abbreviated Method”

Cognos and Reporting – Scheduling and Distributing Reports In An IBM Cognos Environment

Configurable Joins – How To Make Them Work For You!

Optimizing Cal ISIR Processing for Colleague

Communications Management…From Home

Colleague’s Baseline Financial Aid Packager

Cal Grant Processing with Colleague 

DegreeWorks Responsive Dashboard and Latest Student Educational Planner (SEP4) – Functional Review

DegreeWorks New Releases and Product Enhancements

Tips and Tricks for UI 5

Streamline Your Colleague End of Term Processes

Self-Service Features To Make Your Add-Drop Forms Obsolete

Leverage Colleague Student Planning For Advising In A Remote World

Baseline Colleague and Self-Service Functionalities To Streamline Services

Are You Managing Recruit or Is Recruit Managing You?

Managing Banner Infrastructure As Code (IaC)

Transforming the Student Experience One Process At A Time

Purging Colleague Finance Records

Integrating Banner Registration & Degree Works – Realizing The Full Potential of Your Software.

Better Than A Crystal Ball! Schedule Forecasting Using SEP and CPA

Is It Time To Consider A New Advancement CRM System?

The Story of A Successful Acquisition

Rapid Process Improvement Key to Digital Transformation!

Automating Graduation Processing using Degree Works, Banner, and BDM

Modifying Banner 9 Self Service Applications

Best Practices for Document Management in Slate and Beyond

Leverage ESM to Customize Your Banner Upgrade Process

Planning for a Smooth Cloud Migration

Colleague’s Baseline Financial Aid Packager

8 Things to Consider When Evaluating & Selecting Enterprise Solutions

Integration of Slate and Front Rush at UNWSP

ODS and Degree Works: Together at Last

How to Plan & Install the Degree Works 5.0.X Controller Patch

What You Need to Know About Upgrading to Degree Works 5.x

Colleague Degree Audit Check-Up

Colleague Self Service for Faculty

Leverage Colleague Communications Management for California Promise Grant Students

Colleague Batch Update Section Registration Dates

How to Move Off WebLogic to Tomcat/ORDS

Communicating SAP in Banner Self-Service

Remote Banner Enterprise Management with Oracle Cloud Control

After Admissions: Next Steps Using Slate to Automate Orientation

Banner Consolidation at Southern University & A&M College

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