Acquisition / Merger Consolidation

Acquisition / Merger Consolidation Services for Higher Education

Migrating and/or integrating enterprise systems can be extremely complicated. This is especially true when institutions have different processes, infrastructures, security, and capabilities. We can simply these challenges with our customized M&A services.


Assess current state (people, process, technology, and data), create fit/gap between current and end state, and create implementation plan.

IT Consolidation Implementation

Provide IT consolidation and implementation support services as outlined in the implementation plan.


Evaluate current processes, procedures, governance, and security protocols to determine current state and address findings.

Staff Augmentation

Address any staffing needs and/or shortages during implementation.

Support Services

Perform IT support services as outlined in the implementation plan.

SIG Can Help

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“SIG didn’t do it as consultants but as team members. Everyone was on the front line working very hard, long hours not just getting the job done but guiding us from experience and teaching us along the way. At the heart of our success was not some corporate philosophy but the SIG staff that helped us make the greatest impact”

– Eric Vuillemot, Associate Vice President, Enterprise Applications

Acquisition / Merger Case Studies