Strategic Consulting

Whether you want to analyze your existing infrastructure and processes, or look years into the future, SIG can help.

Managing with Salesforce

The skills required to successfully manage your organization with Salesforce are different from the skills needed by your day-to-day users. We offer a one-hour class for executives and managers focused on how to successfully utilize Salesforce to: (i) understand organizational metrics, (ii) manage team performance, (iii) manage and coach individuals, and (iv) manage up and across the organization. Clients can include up to ten managers per session and will receive a copy of our Recommendations for Successful Management Utilizing Salesforce.

Strategic Roadmap

You have a host of changes to make in order to improve your organization including new technologies and new processes. You know where you want to go, but need help getting there. How should you prioritize your investments so that the transition from current state to desired state is logical, methodical and the least disruptive as practical? Our advisors will work closely with you and your team to create a roadmap that will guide you on this journey of transformation.

Requirements Definition

You understand your processes and your desired outcomes. We meet with your team to translate those requirements into a solution customized to fit your specific needs. We will provide you with our recommended solution, including a detailed estimate of effort and cost associated with the configuration.

KPI Definition & Measurement

You’ve got goals set for your organization. How do you know if you’re on track to meet those goals? By defining, measuring and monitoring your Key Performance Indicators, you can identify potential issues early enough to correct them so you can achieve success. Don’t use reporting only as a rearview mirror to see where you’ve been, use it as a business GPS to get you where you want to go.

IT/HR Helpdesk Design

You have internal constituents that need support from your IT or HR department. Creating a helpdesk is a great way to allow your employees to request assistance and for your IT and HR departments to ensure timely and appropriate resolution. However, the needs of each helpdesk can be vastly different. IT often deals with similar issues and needs the ability to classify and report on requests in order to identify root causes. HR often deals with sensitive and private employee information, so security and limited visibility is essential for data protection and to help avoid possible lawsuits. We will work with you to determine the specific needs for your helpdesk(s) in order for you to provide the optimal service for your employees.

Legacy Education Package Migration Analysis

For schools utilizing Enrollment Rx or TargetX for recruitment and admissions and which have run into (i) limitations of these managed packages, (ii) compatibility issues, or (iii) suffering excessive licensing costs, we offer an analysis and roadmap to get to a native platform approach built on the Salesforce platform configured with the Education Data Architecture (EDA).

Data Therapy Workshop

Your strategic decisions require accurate data. Duplicate records, inconsistent field usage, outdated information and other data issues lead to untrustworthy information resulting in confusion, wasted time and poor decisions. Our team will work with you to not only identify existing issues, but will also create a plan to correct them and to prevent future issues. Regain the trust in your data.

Technical Debt Analysis

The only constant in the world of technology is change: updates, patches, and new editions. Many times, these provide improvements. Other times, they cause issues, don’t connect properly, or are no longer needed. This technical debt can weigh you down; not only in the cost of owning them, but in the drain on your team’s time and energy as well. Let us help you identify which solutions are working for you, and which are working against you and produce a plan to get you back to technical health.

Migration Analysis

You have an existing solution that is either no longer meeting your needs, is too costly to continue using, or can be replaced with Salesforce functionality that didn’t exist when your organization made your original decision. Over the years, there have been many industry-specific solutions that were created to address unique processes or problems. Unfortunately, many of these are not as flexible as Salesforce and are therefore not able to be easily customized for your organization’s needs. We can help you understand the effort of migrating to a native Salesforce solution.

Examples of past projects include: Enrollment Rx and TargetX to native Salesforce EDA (Education Data Architecture); Raiser’s Edge to Salesforce EDA and NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack); Hubspot and Marketo to Pardot; Goldmine and NetSuite to Salesforce; to Salesforce Service Cloud.

Salesforce Feature Analysis

Have you had your Salesforce instance for more than a year?  If so, there have been three major releases every year since you implemented. With each of these releases, there is new functionality, improvements to existing functionality and retirement of functionality.  If you haven’t made continuous improvements to your process and your infrastructure, you may be missing out on some major upgrades. We can analyze your instance of Salesforce and highlight unused or underutilized functionality that can have a significant impact on your organizations performance.

Customer 360 Service Assessment

You have multiple teams working with your customers. Your customers expect when they interact with anyone in your organization, their history is known so they don’t have to have the same conversation more than once. We can help you identify the key customer touchpoints and critical information needed by your teams to ensure the right information is easily accessible so you can focus on delighting your customers at every interaction.

Time & Motion Study

Are you maximizing the value of your team’s effort? Have you given them the tools and created the processes to empower them to achieve the desired results without spending more time on low value tasks than necessary? We will spend time with your team to understand if they are spending their time focused on the most meaningful and impactful tasks to ensure your organization’s success. We will provide specific recommendations for improvements and automations to reduce cycle time on your mission critical processes.

Sales Process Improvement

How does your sales team identify, qualify and pursue sales opportunities? Do your sales reps know what is expected of them at every stage in the sales process? Can your management team produce reliable and trusted forecast reports? If you don’t have a defined sales process, we can help you document and systematize a process based on your needs and industry best practices. Once a process is established, we will offer recommendations on how to customize your CRM to help your reps manage their opportunities through intuitive user interfaces and time-saving workflow and automations. In addition, we’ll provide recommendations for the key metrics that management should use to monitor progress and ensure achievement of sales goals.

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Assessment

Contract management is a detailed and tedious process that must be managed effectively for your organization to thrive. Our team will analyze your entire contract lifecycle including document generation; negotiation; approval and eSignature; reporting and alert systems; and storage to determine how a streamlined and defined solution can save you time and money.

Org Consolidation Analysis/Planning

You’ve got more than one instance of CRM solutions–which may or may not be Salesforce. This is typically the result of individual business units implementing their own solutions, or perhaps a merger or acquisition of another organization. We can help you determine if there are advantages to consolidating the disparate CRM solutions into one–and if so, should it be an existing org, or a new one? It’s a complex undertaking that involves more than just moving data. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations decide which course to take. Leverage this experience to help you make the right decision.

Marketing Qualified Lead Program (MQL)

Your marketing team is tasked with identifying and qualifying prospects to fill your sales pipeline. We work with you to ensure you’re using the right tools and processes so your sales team trusts they are getting qualified leads which are more likely to represent true sales opportunities.

IT Application Stack Analysis

You have multiple applications that are needed to run your business. Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Legal, HR, and IT departments may all be using different software tools to achieve their individual goals. Often, there is a desire for these systems to work together and/or share information in order to improve the workflow between departments. We will help you analyze your current stack to determine if a best-of-breed, a single comprehensive platform, or a hybrid approach is best for you.

IT Governance Workshop

IT departments have many audiences they are trying to satisfy. You have business needs, customer needs and stakeholder needs. All of these need to be balanced against remaining in compliance with various laws and internal organizational requirements (process, budget, etc.). We can help you establish a measurable framework that will allow you to make reasoned decisions that minimize risk and benefit your constituents.

Security/Health Assessment

There are constant threats to your organizational data. Whether they are internal or external, malicious or accidental, all security lapses have negative consequences that should be avoided. We look at all aspects of security, including visibility and accessibility, process documentation, employee training, system monitoring, and data retention in order to identify risks and recommend improvements to help ensure your data is as safe as it can possibly be.

Custom Engagement

Do you have issues not listed here that you would like guidance on? Speak to one of our advisors to discover if we might be able to help.