Strategic Consulting

Modernization efforts using new technologies that change the way we work require a well-modeled and applied project and change management approach that supports engagement across all areas. We can help position your institution for growth and success.

Higher Education Strategic Consulting Services

Change Management

Streamline your organization’s business processes, upgrade technologies, and set new long-range goals with our expert Change Management consultants.

Project Management

Know that all aspects of your projects will be handled methodically and successfully with our experienced Project Management consultants.

Business Process Improvement

Identify, analyze, and improve your institution’s processes with our proven Process Improvement framework.

Change Management

Change management is the systematic approach to solving critical challenges of an organization. However, not every transformation journey has the same destination. SIG’s Change Management Services are focused not only on alignment but the end state adoption.  

  • Leader and stakeholder alignment
  • Workforce assessment to understand culture, capabilities, change agents, and bridges
  • Actionable Change Management Plan
  • Change Management Support Services

Business Process Improvement

Technology alone cannot solve process issues. However, technology, in concert with reimagining the process, can result in significant gains. By assembling stakeholders around the same table in a workshop format, the team can identify the obstacles and opportunities for improvement.

Collaborative process analysis is the path to transformational change. This sets the trajectory to take full advantage of technology and build consensus and momentum for change.

Project Management

Utilize Strategic Leadership to Drive Progress

Success in today’s competitive higher education marketplace, where students have higher expectations than ever before, requires colleges and universities to strategically leverage and deploy IT solutions. Of course, some of these solutions and systems are massive and significant undertakings, requiring buy-in from a wide range of stakeholders and collaboration between different units and teams.

SIG’s program and project leaders have the experience and knowledge to help your organization. From project execution to PMO implementation, our leaders will embed themselves into your organization to provide immediate and lasting results.

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