Business Process Improvement

Technology alone cannot solve process issues. However, technology, in concert with reimagining the process, can result in significant gains. By assembling stakeholders around the same table in a workshop format, the team can identify the obstacles and opportunities for improvement.

Business Process Improvement Consulting

SIG can help with business process improvement consulting.

Collaborative process analysis is the path to transformational change. They set the trajectory to take full advantage of technology and build consensus and momentum for change.

Back To Basics (B2B)

Designed to help schools get the most out of their ERP investment by returning to baseline goals. B2B provides an actionable plan that reduces/eliminates the need for modifications by leveraging existing features/functions/extensibility tools as designed, adjusting organizational processes, and utilizing efficiency tools such as workflow and imaging.

Business Process Redesign

Know that all aspects of your projects will be handled methodically and successfully with our experienced Project Management consultants.