What are Person Accounts in Salesforce?

Person accounts are an account type that feature a 1:1 relationship with a single contact. In this model, account and contact information have the ability... Read More »

Are You Thinking About a CRM Portal?

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Salesforce Org Consolidation

For large national and international clients, we often find companies with multiple instances of Salesforce CRM. In Salesforce “speak” each instance is referred to as an “org”... Read More »

Multi-Factor Authentication for Salesforce

With the exponential growth into remote work environments and uptick in hacking and pfishing, it is critical for you to enhance the security of your Salesforce deployment. Salesforce aims to protect your data with the requirement of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).  Read More »

Salesforce System Administrators

We often speak of the critical success factors in a Salesforce or Conga deployment. These include: (i) Senior Sponsorship, (ii) Communication Planning, (iii) Design & Understanding... Read More »

Email Marketing Solutions for Salesforce (Updated)

Unless you have all the customers you need, some level of marketing is necessary and important. Despite the proliferation of spam, email marketing continues to... Read More »